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Medea: Louder Than My Thoughts

19:00 at Filmcenter Trianon
Free Entrance

Release date:   November 24, 2016 
Director:       Nikos Grammatikos
Story:          Based on Euripides’ Medea
Screenplay:     N. Grammatikos,V. Mourikis

“There is no rage more terrible and hard to heal, than the one born in the soul of two people who were once in love”

Based on the Euripides’ acknowledgement that “affect and passion is more powerful than reason,” Nikos Grammatikos plunges, quite arrogantly, as he admits, into the tragedy of Medea, in order to deal with a personal loss. Filming without a script (for the first time), and after a five-year “battle,” Grammatikos gives a film in which the dividing lines between fiction, documentary and research are constantly shifting. The Chorus is made up of students from the “Delos” drama school and the film’s advisor is classicist Nikos H. Hourmouziadis, a professor of philology at Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University, who also appears in the film. Part of the shooting took place on Salamis, where Euripides was born.

“Stronger than lover's love is lover's hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make”

In this unclassified docu-drama, Euripides' original text is magically transformed into the narrative spearhead, where Medea's story serves as a gateway into an unpredictable quest for lost symbols and concepts.

Ultimately, the purpose of this adventure is to find Medea's legendary husband Jason, wonder who his modern-world equivalent would be, what went wrong and why he never managed to conquer his goals.

For over 57 years, the Filmcenter Cine Trianon, a historic arthouse cinema located in the heart of downtown Athens, has kept beauty and artistic passion alive. Since 1960, with the premiere of Jules Dassin’s Academy Award winning film Never on Sunday, the Trianon has been one of the most active participants not only in movie going culture in the city, but also in its artistic and cultural life.

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